All students come to MITS and go into their Partner Schools on full scholarships. In 2018 MITS launches the first in a series of scholarships that will help secure places in perpetuity for students from the communities we work with.

The Rona Pamkal Scholarship

The Rona Pamkal Scholarship is the first perpetual scholarship to be created at MITS. It will ensure a continuing place at MITS for one Indigenous student from West Arnhem Land each year, in perpetuity.

The scholarship is named after Rona Pamkal, a Wakmarranj woman from Wardekken (the Stone Country plateau in West Arnhem Land). Rona came to Melbourne in 2002 for heart surgery. She immediately took to her surroundings and pursued her education here. But, sadly, there were simply too many challenges. Ultimately, she returned home, not able to make her Melbourne education a reality.

For our founders Rick and Liz Tudor, the experience of supporting Rona to access a Melbourne education was the inspiration behind the development of the MITS model. Following her return to her community, Rona worked on and cared for her Country and her people until she passed away at age 27. Her legacy will live on in the opportunities this scholarship will offer other Indigenous students like her.

Your enduring impact

The Rona Pamkal Scholarship gives you a way to support Indigenous education: today, and in the future. Join us to create lasting opportunities for Indigenous children, for their families, and for our wider community, so we can all learn and grow together.

You can pledge your support with this form or by visiting our GiveNow site.

Of course, there are many ways to support our students now and into the future. We would love to discuss with you how your areas of interest could have an enduring impact on the lives of Indigenous students.

To find out more, please contact us.

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